"As I travel down (or up?) this new road, a sense of renewal because brightly, sprinkled with tender wisdoms and hidden delights. My faith in self carries me forward, an umbrella of strength that embraces the fragile balance of pain and joy. I rejoice in my desire to sing again, to let my aspirant sound resound in my heart and soul once more and I celebrate the support guidance, healing and nurturing that makes you so wonderfully you, and has helped me to trust in my "flapping wings" and personal lullabies. You are a true gift and I am blessed. " Wendy

"I am so grateful for you, your spirit, your commitment to your practice throughout the years. I consider you one of my guardian angels here on earth and I feel so blessed to be able to share my journey with you . You have impacted my life and sobriety in such a positive way there really aren't enough words to express my gratitude." Andrea

"Your support and love during my darkest days will never be forgotten, I could never have found the happiness and fulfillment in my life today without your help." S

"On this difficult stretch of my life journey, I want to thank you for helping equip me in the following: new tools; comfort food; opportunity to stop and reflect; new perspectives on the map; devising a new route; enjoying the sunshine and and noticing the colour yellow. Thank you for your wise counsel" T

"My mind was closed early on by the belief that I was incompetent, a laughable embarrassment to everyone. It's been opened, slowly but surely, by our work together, the old certainty replaced with, well, something we're still working on. The new outlook is a kind of grateful amazement that I'm still here, blessed with loving friends, able to rise again every time I fall and feeling what I can only suppose is my own sort of happiness" Kathy

"Thank you for your years of support and insight. You've helped me so much, and I think of you often. You are one of the most thoughtful, creative and adventurous women I've ever known" S

"We are ever so grateful for the long support and guidance you have provided us over our time of knowing you. Your belief in us is fuel for our flight." M. & R.

"Thanks for playing in my puddles with me! Your insights and support have been wonderful. I look forward to more discoveries but less puddles." Natasha

"Thank you, for being a wonderful, caring you, for helping me with such empathy and understanding; for drawing me back into the fabric of my own life by teaching me to embrace all of it's joys and sorrows, incompleteness and successes; for sharing wisdom, humor and stories which illustrate that we need never travel through life alone. And for the sheer joy of your company, so fully and willingly given, which has been such a source of richness for me." Tim

"Thanks, for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family. I truly cherish you." Mike

"Thank you for being you and being in my life. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for that. Love always," S.

"Thank you for your knowledge, your wisdom, for always being there for me and especially-thanks for being you...." Maggie

"Thank you for working with me and letting me see through my insights the true nature of love and help sifting through all my distortions with me." Z.

"I also feel incapable of adequately conveying the incredible, magical, huge impact you have had on my life. I'll always consider you are one of my angels, through whose loving attention and gentle guidance, I've become more conscious and happier, better person" J.

"Thank you for guiding me to become grounded, connected, resourceful, open-hearted and unafraid. So onward we go, once broken but now beautifully restored. I hope you'll be helping me to fill in the cracks..."Kathy

"Thank you for your kindness, understanding and generosity of spirit. Your caring means the world to me and will help me through difficult times." Yvonne

"I hope your know in your heart, keep in your memory, of how far I have come, against all odds, because of you. You have share your knowledge and skills and so graciously yourself. I can only hope that all that you have given me, in addition to "keeping me n the game", I can build upon to reach an inner peace and acceptance." Jocelyn

"There is a metaphor on this card, I think. Something about retrieving and reassembling-refastening, reattaching-the scattered fragments of one's heart and creating, or crafting, a new understanding of one's self and a new connection with the world, I look forward to talking with you about this." Kathy